Electronic Services

Cell phones, refrigerators, washing machines…virtually everything that we plug into an outlet these days comes equipped with its own computer. Why would our cars be any different?

All cars produced today come standard with at least one computer. Car computers aren’t the same as the personal computers and laptops we use to work and access the internet however. These are simpler machines that, while not quite as advanced, serve a crucial function – keeping you safe.

Your car’s main computer likely controls these systems:

  • The engine’s emissions
  • How the spark plugs operate
  • The fuel injection system
  • Sensors for oxygen, throttle position and engine temperature

More expensive cars include an additional set of computers, which may include one for each of these systems:

  • Climate Control
  • Anti-Lock Brakes
  • Navigation
  • Transmission
  • Radio
  • Cruise Control
  • Air Bags

Each individual computer works the same way as the main computer in your car. They read information from sensors and send you an alert about any problem or potential problem in the form of an error code.

The computers in your car compile information from these systems and sensors and automatically change how the engine operates in response. Built-in computers can warn you about any current or future problems. The car’s computer scans the various components checking for issues and, when it discovers one, sends you a warning. It may also send a code to turn on one of various warning lights, or the check engine light.

Computers are integral components to how modern cars function, providing a safer, more efficient driving experience for today’s drivers. These computers will only become more and more advanced. Self-driving cars are already here, and will eventually be commonplace.

Our technicians have the most current technological tools available in the auto repair industry so they can read any code that your car’s computer is trying to communicate. Computers and technicians now work together to keep cars running smoothly, removing any possible guesswork that might’ve taken place in the past. Technicians take the information from your car’s computer and perform the necessary repairs. Your car performs better and you remain safe on the road – everyone wins. Thank you, technology!

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