Electrical & Ignition System

Saint’s Automotive Service Center provides complete vehicle electrical system repair services. The experienced technicians at our Princeton, MN auto repair shop are experts in the sophisticated technology that modern vehicles’ electrical systems are comprised of and have the tools needed to fix any electrical problem your vehicle might encounter.

Your vehicle’s electrical system controls multiple components including its anti-lock brakes, wiring and circuits, dashboard instrumentation, lights, windows and mirrors, starting and charging systems and more. If you have problems with your vehicle starting and you don’t think that the battery or starter is the problem, it might just be the electrical system that is causing your issues and you should bring your car into our shop as soon as possible.

At Saint’s Automotive Service Center, we have all of the tools required to determine exactly what’s causing your vehicle not to start and figure out what your electrical issue might be. This could include your ignition system.

Your ignition system uses an electric spark to ignite your engine, incorporating a mixture of fuel and air in a gas-powered engine. Ignition systems that are working properly help to ensure an optimal performance from your vehicle. These systems will eventually wear down and require maintenance, so if and when you start to experience issues with your vehicle starting properly, call us at 763-389-9777.