4×4 Services

At Saint’s Automotive Service Center, our knowledgeable technicians have accrued years of valuable experience working on standard 4-wheel drive (4×4) vehicles in addition to all-wheel drive (AWD) vehicles. We have a deep understanding of the unique needs that these vehicles have. Below are some of the services we offer for 4×4 and AWD vehicles.

Alignment: Wheel alignment is standard car maintenance involving the adjusting of wheels’ angles to ensure that they’re in compliance with a given manufacturer’s specifications. The primary purpose of this service is to allow a vehicle’s suspension and the steering systems to operate at their desired angles, which reduces tire wear and optimizes the lifespan of tires. Wheel alignment can be tricky, which is why you want Princeton, MN’s most trusted auto repair shop performing it for you. To have dedicated auto repair professionals handle your vehicle’s alignment, be sure to visit Saint’s Automotive Service Center.

Transmissions: The second-most expensive component in your vehicle to repair, the transmission is important for a variety of reasons. It connects several key parts in your vehicle to one another and its health is of vital importance to your vehicle’s functionality. Services that your transmission requires include filter replacement and fluid drainage/level maintenance among others. Transmissions are extremely complex and sophisticated, which means you don’t want just anyone performing maintenance on them. For transmission repair you can trust, schedule an appointment at Saint’s Automotive Service Center today.

Wheel Bearings: Connected to a vehicle’s brake system, wheel bearings help wheels spin properly. Over time, wheel bearings can get worn down and become ineffective, which affects your suspension and makes your vehicle tough to handle. This can lead to safety issues. Regularly checking your wheel bearings for leaks, wear and tear can help prevent these issues. The auto repair experts at Saint’s Automotive Service Center know what to look for and can verify that your wheel bearings are in good working order or let you know if they need to be replaced.

Other 4×4 and AWD services we offer at Saint’s Automotive Service Center in Princeton, MN include differentials, drivelines, transfer cases, hubs, seals, studs and nuts. Call us at 763-389-9777 to learn more!